COMPSCI 184: Computer Graphics and Imaging

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🗓 Section: Tuesday 5–6pm | Wheeler 204

👋 uGSI: Zhuo Lu (Seth)

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Discussion 1: C++, Images as Data, Convolution

Lectures: Introduction; Drawing Triangles; Sampling and Aliasing, Transforms

Discussion 2: Sampling, Transforms, Texture Mapping

Lectures: Transforms (cont.); Texture Mapping and Pipeline

Discussion 3: Splines, Curves

Lectures: Geometry; Bezier Curves and Surfaces, Mesh Representations

Discussion 4: Half-Edges, Ray-Surface Intersection

Lectures: Geometry Processing; Ray Tracing

Discussion 5: Ray Tracing, Radiometry

Lectures: Ray Tracing (cont.), Radiometry and Photometry; Monte Carlo and Global Illumination

Discussion 6: Probability, Monte Carlo Integration

Lectures: Global Illumination (cont.) and Path Tracing; Material Modeling

Discussion 7: Path Tracing, Review

Lectures: Advanced Material Modeling; Cameras and Lenses

Discussion 8: Exam Review, Q&A

Lectures: Cameras and Lenses (cont.); Intro to Animation and Simulation

Discussion 9: Cameras, Light Fields

Lectures: Simulation (cont.), Kinematics and Motion Capture; Color

Discussion 10

Lectures: Color (cont.); Image Sensors

Discussion 11

Lectures: Digital Image Processing; High Performance Computing

Discussion 12

Lectures: High Performance Computing (cont.); VR

Discussion 13

Lectures: VR (cont.); Special Topic