CS 61B: Data Structures

Course Info

Website: https://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61b/fa17/

Midterm 1

Time: Wed 9/27/17 8-10 pm

Midterm 2

Time: Wed 11/1/17 8-10 pm

Final Exam

Time: Mon 12/11/17 7-10 pm



Fixed size memory of a single type... A little boring though, but does work rather quickly.


Object-Oriented Programming! Note there's more to building a tree of classes.


There are things like protocols (Swift), traits (Scala), interfaces (Objective-C) etc. out there! Python enjoys drawing diamonds instead tho.
TFTI. Is Java missing out?

Comparables & Comparators

Re-experience lambdas in Java! However, this time you're carrying an llama, sitting in the economy class.


It turns out arrays can be not so boring and everything's an Object after all at runtime.

Access Control

Fortify your castle of data abstraction.


Catch Errors & checked/unchecked Exceptions.

Linked Lists

Singly & doubly linked lists. Sentinels?


Quantum computing does something different.