CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Course Info

Website: https://cs61a.org

Midterm 1

Time: Thu 9/14/17 8-10 pm

Midterm 2

Time: Thu 10/19/17 8-10 pm

Final Exam

Time: Wed 12/13/17 3-6 pm


Environment Diagrams

Frame, parent frame, grandparent frame and possible great grandparent frame... You know it.

Higher Order Functions

Flying with first-class but functions.

Lambda Functions

Higher order functions, but with lambdas.


Tree recursions go here.

Tree Recursions

Disambiguation: Actual recursions on abstract tree structures.

Asymptotic Analysis

Wait, you say your program runs? Well, how fast?

Objects & Inheritance

So this is about actual objects now.