Fall 2017 Tutoring

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Website: https://cs61a.org

Midterm 1

Time: Thu 9/14/17 8-10 pm

Midterm 2

Time: Thu 10/19/17 8-10 pm

Final Exam

Time: Wed 12/13/17 3-6 pm

CS 61B: Data Structures

Website: https://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61b/fa17/

Midterm 1

Time: Wed 9/27/17 8-10 pm

Midterm 2

Time: Wed 11/1/17 8-10 pm

Final Exam

Time: Mon 12/11/17 7-10 pm

CS 98/198: Web Design DeCal

Website: http://wdd.io

Tutoring Notes Compilations

All compiled tutoring notes from previous sessions are all listed below... If you happened to attend one/some of these, you should be able to retrieve what we talked about during that time!